UnitedHealthcare is one of the U.S. market leaders in individual health insurance. While some plan offerings are more expensive than other providers, their plans come with various benefits, including wellness programs and telehealth options. Further, they have many options for those on Medicare. UHC’s suite of products includes both short and long-term options for health, dental, vision and disability insurance. Depending on your budget and health needs, UHC offers many insurance plans at various price points.

United Health Care

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UHC Health Plans and Options

UHC members have access to a large provider network, which includes more than 1.3 million medical providers and thousands of hospitals and care facilities in all 50 U.S. states. They offer individual health insurance, dental plans, Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage options. Certain states also offer temporary health plans and small business health insurance options. 

Not all plans are available in every U.S. state. Further, some policies have different details and costs depending on the location in which you live. Thus, you should review all plans options in your state before choosing a policy. 

Individual Health Insurance

Individual UHC health plans can be purchased for one person, or coverage can be extended to cover a spouse and children. Many employers offer UHC health plans for workers. Generally, you have 60 days to enroll in a plan after starting a new job. Individual plans can be purchase through your state health insurance marketplace during the open enrollment period. However, some special circumstances, including marriage or a baby's birth, allow enrollment during a particular exception period.  UnitedHealthcare currently has five different tiers of coverage for individual health plans. These tier options include: 

Plan premiums vary significantly by tier plan and the member’s geographic location. While price is an important aspect when choosing a health plan, it is essential to consider the provider's benefits. UHC offers policyholders access to wellness programs and an interactive UHC mobile app, features other companies do not provide. 

Short-Term Health Insurance and
UHC Medicare Advantage

UHC offers three tiers of coverage for short-term health insurance: Value, Value Copay, and Plus. Short-term health plans are cheaper than traditional policies, but they do not offer the same benefits. These plans can be purchased outside of open enrollment to provide gap coverage after the loss of primary coverage. The main differences in UHC's short-term coverage options involve the cost of medical visits, monthly premiums, and coinsurance. Short-term health plans are a viable option for healthy individuals, but they are not suitable for families. 

UnitedHealthcare also offers Medicare Advantage policies, which are offered through AARP. UHC administers these plans, but AARP underwrites them. Plan options include Medicare Advantage Part C, Medicare Supplement plans, and Medicare prescription drug plans. 

UHC Member Benefits

UnitedHealthcare separates itself from other providers in the extra benefits they offer members. For example, UHC Baby Blocks rewards program provides incentives for members who visit the doctor with their babies. Parents with children under 15 months old can enroll in the program by completing a simple questionnaire. Rewards for office visits include baby items, gift cards, and books. 

Another member benefit is the UHC mobile app. Members can download the app after enrollment and perform a variety of actions, including: 

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Another UHC program is myEasyBook, which gives members the option to set up a doctor’s appointment day or night.

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