Medicare Advantage plans offer a convenient way to bundle your Medicare plans while including add-ons, such as dental and vision. Most of these plans also include Part D prescription coverage. For these and other reasons, Medicare Advantage was often referred to as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage plans are provided by insurance companies that are approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These companies must follow specific guidelines related to how they structure and administer plans.
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What Are the Types of Medicare Advantage Plans?

There are six main types of Advantage plans that you should take a look at before making a final decision. Most of these rely on in-network systems that charge you more if you go outside of the network or only allow you to do so for emergencies:

The best way to make an actual decision regarding the plan that is right for you is to review the ones available in your area. Comparing the specific benefits will make it easier for you to determine how the plans work and which one will best meet your needs.

How Can You Keep Medicare Costs Low?

Most of these plans are structured as HMO or PPO plans. Consequently, to get the lowest costs, it’s important to use in-network services. The good news is that these plans also set caps on annual out-of-pocket costs for Medicare covered services. Because Medicare Advantage also includes prescription drugs, paying keen attention to pricing tiers and switching to generic drugs can save you a lot in premiums and drug costs.

How Can You Protect Your Data?

Health insurance companies have access to a lot of personal information. If you are a senior and know you are eligible for Medicare or have been looking at plans, it might not surprise you to get a phone call asking for personal information.

However, the website warns that you should never give your information to plan callers unless you have set up a call with these companies or gave your explicit consent. No one should call asking for personal or financial information and insurance professionals should not visit your home.

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How Can You Enrol In a Medicare Advantage Plan?

So, you considered all your options and now you want to enroll in a plan. How do you get started? Some people involve their finance gurus or medical practitioners in this decision, so they can feel confident they made the right decision for their health and their bank accounts.

The Medicare website does have a plan finder tool, but most users find that private entities provide more user-friendly options. For example, at, we make it easy to get the information you need in just three easy steps.