Factors to Consider When Buying Health Insurance in Mississippi

Factors to Consider When Buying Health Insurance in Mississippi

Health insurance is a necessity that you never want to be without when at all possible. That emergency room visit will hurt a lot more for an uninsured patient than it will for someone who made sure to catch their state’s open enrollment period.

Understanding what’s required for choosing health insurance plans in Mississippi will help you make sure you’re covered for routine doctor visits and emergencies alike.

Read on to learn all about finding health insurance in Mississippi by using the information below.

1. Consider Your Current Condition and Options for Coverage

Your first step is making sure that you understand your current healthcare conditions so that you can find the best plans that will accommodate them.

Consider things like pre-existing conditions, age, whether you’re male or female, and how many doctors visits you’re likely to have per year.

Once you have an idea of your healthcare needs, start exploring the different types of healthcare available.

Knowing your options for coverage will give you peace of mind once it’s time to enroll. Examples of healthcare options that you might explore include Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Point-of-Service Plan (POS), and Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO).

2. Think About Whether You Require Dental and Vision

Upward of 80% of people in the United States have dental coverage. So think about adding one of these plans to your life as well.

When you have dental insurance, you’ll not only get your annual oral health visits at a reasonable price, but you’ll also be able to cover procedures like root canals, extractions, dental bridges, and orthodontic care.

Vision is also a crucial form of medical coverage that you shouldn’t overlook, particularly if you rely on glasses and contact lenses. A vision plan will help you out with yearly prescription exams and glaucoma screenings, in addition to making your frames and lenses less expensive.

Your health insurance provider for medical coverage will generally be able to set you up with a plan for vision and dental as well.

3. Make Sure You Hit the Open Enrollment Period

Open enrollment for the New Year begins Nov. 1 in Mississippi and most other states.

You’ll need to enroll in a plan before the close of the year to have active health insurance on Jan. 1. Many states allow people to enroll through Jan. 15 in order to start their coverage in February.

Once this open enrollment period closes, you’ll typically only be able to get health insurance if you experience a qualifying life event.

Such a life event includes matters like getting married, losing a job, experiencing a death in your family, adopting a child, or moving to a different state.

Consult the federal health insurance marketplace resources to know for sure whether you qualify for special enrollment.

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4. Look Up the Insurance Companies in Your State

Do your due diligence on the health insurance companies that offer plans in Mississippi.

Verify their legitimacy and Better Business Bureau (BBB) grade, financial strength, federal marketplace ratings, customer service timeliness and helpfulness, and other details. Knowing that you’ve secured a plan from a reputable company will give you peace of mind throughout the calendar year.

5. Start Comparing Insurance Premium Costs and Quotes

Comparing insurance costs is a huge piece of the puzzle when you want to make certain you’re properly covered. The Mississippi open enrollment period will give you to get the most accurate price quotes on your insurance plan.

A 27-year-old in Mississippi will pay close to $400 per month in health insurance premiums, on average. Your premiums might cost more or less depending on whether you live in a smaller municipality like Fulton, or in city areas, like Jackson or Gulfport.

Read through the prospectus when you shop for a quote, to learn about the insurance terms and conditions.

6. Weigh Your Deductibles, Co-Pays, and Out of Pocket Expenses

Premiums aside, make sure that you also thoroughly research details like deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

Your health insurance deductible refers to how much you will have to pay for medical care before your insurance will kick in and cover the rest. These plans also come with out-of-pocket maximums that cap how much you will pay any given year for any reason.

Co-Pays refer to a small price that you’ll pay for each doctor’s appointment. For instance, it’s typical for people to pay $20 to $30 in co-pays when getting primary care or ob-gyn visits.

These are the details that make or break a plan, so study the prospectus thoroughly.

7. Pre-Emptively Look Up Doctors in Your Network

Finally, make sure that you know which doctors in your area participate in these health insurance plans. It’s always less expensive to work with a doctor in your network, so you need to be sure that they are high-quality and up to par.

This is particularly crucial when it comes to choosing your primary care physician or the pediatrician that will look after your kids.

Find out if the policy also offers things like prescription drug plans or health savings options.

Shop for the Right Health Insurance Mississippi Plan

The options for health insurance in Mississippi are plentiful when you consider the tips above. It all begins with some due diligence, and you’ll be happy that you took these matters seriously once you see how it affects your health and wellness.

Take some time out to compare insurance quotes with us so that you can find the perfect health insurance for your medical needs.