BlueCross Health Insurance guide

BlueCross Blue Shield is a health insurance company that offers individual, family, and prescription drug plans in the United States. BlueCross Blue Shield is not one company, yet a federation of 36 independent providers that all offer insurance under the same name. They have a long history in the wellness industry, and many of their health plans are well established. Though Blue Shield plans vary in terms of cost and coverage, the provider is generally well regarded for its customer service and program offerings. Here is everything you need to know about BlueCross health insurance plans.

Bluecross Health Insurance Guide

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BlueCross Health Insurance Plans

Each BCBS plan offers a multitude of program types. Even within the same company, policies can vary drastically by state. Typically, most types of Medicare insurance can be purchased through a BCBS subsidiary. Most plans come with the option to add extra dental, vision, or hearing coverage.

Individual and family plans

Individual and family plan offerings vary depending on the state in which you live. Generally, three tiers of plans are offered, each with varying coverage amounts and monthly premium costs. Most plans can be purchased for an individual, or you can add a spouse or children to the program for an additional cost. The higher the monthly premium, the less you will pay to see your doctor or go to an urgent care center.

Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription Drug Plans are supplemental insurance plans designed for Medicare enrollees to help pay for medications not covered by Medicare alone. Many Medicare Advantage policies come with medication coverage, but stand-alone Prescription Drug plans can also be added to Medigap plans.  Prescription drug coverage varies by BCBC plan, so it is important to research the options available in your local area. 

BlueCross Health Insurance plans

Medicare Advantage Plan

Local BlueCross plans offer various Medicare Advantage plans, including HMO and PMO plans. PMO plans generally provide more extensive coverage than HMO plans but comes with a higher monthly premium.  Most Medicare plans combine medical and drug coverage into one plan, with the option to add additional services such as vision and hearing benefits. Currently, there are nearly 300 HMO plans and more than 210 PPO plans offered nationwide. 

Special Needs Plans

BlueCross offers Special Needs plans for Medicare enrollees who also qualify for Medicaid coverage. These plans are for low-income people who are elderly or have a documented disability. Medicaid and Medicare eligibility vary by geographic location. These policies offer all of the benefits under Medicare while providing extra services for those with more specialized needs. 

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance, also referred to as Medigap coverage, provides benefits for the costs Medicare does not cover. Medigap insurance can be used to pay for out-out-pocket expenses such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. BlueCross offers a number of Medigap options, but benefits and prices vary by carrier and state. Keep in mind that people newly eligible for Medicare who purchases Medigap plans cannot use the coverage to pay the Part B deductible.

Additional Benefits and Programs

Because BlueCross is made up of 36 different subsidiaries, additional benefits and programs vary. However, a few notable perks are offered with many individual, family, and Medicare Advantage plans. These additional benefits include: 

  • Chronic condition management: Some plans come with specialized health management programs for chronic health conditions such as diabetes and fibromyalgia. These programs offer health coaching, medication management, and personalized advice.  Discounted medications are also available through specific plans in some geographic areas. 
  • Discounts: Some plans come with discounts at national retails, including LensCrafters and
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Rewards: Some policies offer financial incentives for members who practice healthy behaviors, including consistent exercising, eating healthy meals, and getting enough sleep. 
  • TeleHealth Visits: Some plans allow members to meet with doctors virtually on a phone, computer, or another smart device. 

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BlueCross is widely regarded for its additional perks and benefits. Make sure to check the availability of specific programs before enrolling in a local plan.

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