Student Health Care Insurance

By The Team   |   August 7, 2014

Student Health care insurance provides a less expensive alternative for health care coverage for full-time college students. Many colleges will have school sponsored student health insurance plans, available exclusively to students attending that college. However, there are many insurance companies that offer health insurance to students that can be purchased in lieu of the health plan offered through the university. Student health insurance plans provide coverage designed to meet the special needs of this younger, often healthier, segment of the population. Because college students are also surviving on a limited income, these plans are customized to reduce the benefits that make other health insurance plans more expensive.

Who Should Consider Student Health Care Insurance

Any person that is enrolled as a full-time student in college and not eligible for dependent coverage on a parent’s health plan may wish to consider purchasing a Student Health care Insurance policy. Many colleges require that all full-time students maintain health insurance coverage at designated benefit and coverage levels. Student health insurance is not an option if you plan on attending one of these colleges – it is a must.

If your college does not make having health insurance mandatory, you should still purchase a student health insurance plan if you are currently uninsured. Having access to quality health care will help you maintain and manage your preventive health care and unexpected health care needs. International students are also eligible to purchase student health insurance, which may be the only option immediately available to them in the U.S.

How to Find Student Health Care Insurance

The first place to look for Student Health Care Insurance is with your college or university. Many colleges offer exclusive health insurance options available only to full-time students enrolled at that school. These college health plans are administered by major health insurance companies. If your college does not have a Student Health Plan, in each state there are several different insurance companies that offer Student Health insurance to individual students. You can explore these options by requesting quotes online from many websites that specialize in health insurance. All of the insurance companies have websites that may provide details about the many different Student Health care insurance plans that they have available. You will also find agent or broker websites where you can complete a brief questionnaire that is necessary in providing you with an accurate Student Health insurance quote. There are also referral services that can put you in contact with one or more insurance agents in your area that offer group health insurance quotes and personal expert advice.

For those that do not have a good understanding of health insurance, it is recommended that you work with a professional that can explain the many different policy terms and help you compare your options from several different insurance companies. There are many factors to consider in choosing the right Student Health insurance plan that is a affordable and will provide you with the health care coverage that you need.

The Cost of Student Health Care Insurance

Student Health insurance rates are determined by many factors, including chosen plan type, age, gender and geographical location. The variable that most affects the cost is the chosen deductible. The higher the deductible that you select, the lower the monthly premium. Student health plans are usually less expensive than permanent issue individual health insurance because these plans offer place limits of benefits such as preventive health care, office visits and maximum dollar amounts for hospitalization and out-patient surgery. Premium payments are usually made annually or semi-annually. An average annual premium for a 20 year old student on a Student Health Plan with a $2,500 deductible is between $600 to $700, which averages to be just a little more than $50 per month

Applying for Group Health Insurance

School location, student status, graduation date, type of degree, medications, previous declines, pending surgeries, specific health conditions. Once you have found the best health plan for your business, you will need to submit an employer application for coverage. Since group health insurance is guaranteed to all eligible businesses, there will only be a few health questions. Most of the questions on the application are used to determine if the company meets the guidelines for enrolling in a group health plan. Among other things, the insurance company will need to know how many employees are to be included on the policy and how long the company has been in business. Payroll records will need to be submitted along with the application in order to prove the eligibility of all persons to be added to the group plan. Only persons that appear on the payroll records, and immediate family members, can be included on the original application. An experienced health insurance agent can guide you in determining the eligibility and recorded documentation that will need to be submitted to the insurance company.

Depending on the overall healthiness of those that are to be included on your group health plan, the insurance company may adjust the rates to offset the costs that will bear when accepting a high-risk group. The maximum percentage increase is set by state regulations and will vary by state.

Student health insurance FAQ’s